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July 9, 2013

7/10 "Wednesday"

This article> is a great reminder that attitude changes outlook. We can always CHOOSE to look at the WODS we're doing and smile.Obviously we can smile because...We have able healthy bodies to perform in, we have an amazing facility to work out at, amazing coaches, coaching because they care about the athletes they're working with, and because, perhaps, in a very masochistic sort of way, the work outs are actually fun.But more so than that, this article is about smiling even when it's the last thing you want to do. There is something to be said about faking it till you make it. Maybe instead of cussing to get through a WOD you should smile next time!Strength: Find 1RM Snatch and Clean/Jerk in 25 minutes.WOD:"DT" 5 rounds of 12 DL, 9 hang power clean, 6 push jerk.Rx: 155/105 L4: 135/95 L3: 115/75 L2: 95/65 L1: 75/45

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