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July 13, 2014

7/14 "Monday"

Strength: Press, SquatWOD: Run, Row, Box step-ups, Pullups, PushupsProgramming/Bechmark Week updates...

This next week will be a deload week and next week is testing week with the lifts! Also, expect more benchmarks spread across the next 2 weeks. Named WODs, etc. We had DT, Jackie, FGB, etc this last week. Watch for Helen, Fran, and other hero WODs, classics, etc these next 2. This was valuable feedback back in January saying the benchmark 'week' needs to be spread out. So we are doing just that, across 2-3 weeks. If you miss one, talk to your coach and ask if you can make it up. If you want to benchmark yourself (meaning you didn't do), then try to get them in as well.

Also, watch for WODs that give you feedback in your fitness progress, like max pullups, mile run, 2k row, etc. And expect more of our past workouts to come up more often. We've created a lot of WODs and these will be used to benchmark as well. All of these are invaluable in the recognition of your fitness progress. If you are not tracking, start. If you have started, keep it up. We sell WOD journals too. Technology is a beaut as well. No excuses.I'm excited for July... And you all.Starting Wednesday nights, the BCF Endurance group is going to informally meet up at Hart Park/BCF at 5:45pm. Please coordinate with the Badger CrossFit - Endurance FB group on location. If you need in to this group, let us know!

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