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July 22, 2013

7/22 "Recipe of the week"

Quick Lunch Ideas:

Fast Tuna Salad:

-Canned Tuna (If you’re doing this paleo thing make sure your tuna doesn’t have soy sauce in it!)

-Mustard (again, if serious about paleo make sure there is no sugar in your mustard)

-Any assortment of vegetables!

I like mine with celery, cucumbers, avocado, green olives, shredded carrots, yellow peppers, and purple onions.

Other ideas: -Applegate farm meat slices wrapped around avacado

-Celery with your favorite nut butter(you can also throw raisins on top of the nut butter)

-Homemade trail mix or dried fruit

-Raw veggies with homemade paleo hummus(

-cucumber sandwiches: Cucumbers with a slice of lunch meat in between

- apple or banana slices with nut butter

-lettuce or meat wrapped around cucumbers, tomatoes, sprouts with or without homemade mayo(

-left over soup or chili in a thermos with a side of mandarin oranges

-Summer Sausage(Outpost is the only place in Milwaukee I’ve been able to find paleo summer sausage. A bit pricey but if you’re a summer sausage fan they’ve got the stuff to get!)

-Apple Sauce


Trader Joes by far has the best selection of dried fruit and nuts at the all-time best cost. If you decide on trader joes be sure to look for fruit items that are UNSULFERED as well as with no added sugars. My favorites are the dried mango and apple rings. With nuts, dry-roasted and unsalted are always the healthier option

***Tuna picture from, Lunch tray picture and some ideas from

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