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July 22, 2014

7/23 "Wednesday"

Strength:Bench PressWOD: Fitness:Russian KB swings, Pull ups, Burpees, Man Makers, Farmers Carries, Russian KB swing, Wall BallsPerformance:Row, C2B Pull ups, Wall Balls, Russian KB Swings***"5 clues to training success from old time strong men!1. Approach Training as a practice. If you want to get better at something, then you must practice consistently and intelligently. There is no substitute for it, you're not going to be able to rush it, shortcut it, or fake your way through it.2. Use Full-Body Motions.(This just re-affirms what we we do in CrossFit;))Full-body movements are paramount to building full-body strength. Bending a horseshoe like an old-time strongman requires using all your bodily force and energy. If you want to be strong like an old-time strongman, but do not want to bend steel, then take the core principle – full-body power - and apply it to your chosen lift.Deadlifts, squats, cleans and presses, get ups, snatches - these are the kind of movements that build coordination and seamless power in the whole body. Show me someone with a big deadlift who is not strong all the way around. Can’t do it, can you?That is one of those success clues we talked about. Step away from the lat pulldown machine and load up that bar. Get your deadlift up around double bodyweight and notice how your lats and arms grow along with the weight on the bar.3. Develop your grip strength. The old-time strongmen knew that if you couldn’t hold on to something that you would have a really hard time lifting it. This is something we work on naturally when we do things like man-makers, farmers carries, or any repetitive lift in a WOD. However, it never hurts to do outside work on this! Go rock climbing, perform max effort hangs on the pull up bar after WODS, do additional farmers carries!4. Strengthen your mid section.Wondering why we do that annoying core work before WODs?Long before “core” was a catchphrase in the fitness world, old-time strongmen knew the value - make that the the necessity - of having a strong midsection. The abs, the obliques, and the lower back are literally at the center of our strength. Maximize them and you get stronger overall.Again, if you're looking for excess work to put in outside of the gym, additional core work will only make you stronger. Email us at for our core program!5. Make it look easy.Understand the relationship between tension and relaxation. Tension is strength, but it is also fatigue. Relaxation is endurance, but cannot exert maximal power. Striking the balance is the key.You don’t get any extra points for making faces or looking like you are about to die. Consider this the next time you watch an athletic event and think of what is more impressive - someone who looks like that are about to lose the whole thing or someone who is in complete control the whole time?"***from breakingmuscle.comMember News: -Have you signed up yet for WOD for a Cure! Invite your friends! Happening this Saturday!!

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