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July 3, 2012

7/3 WOD: EMOTM 1,2,3 Shoulder Boulder

Some people will tell you to look straight ahead as you squat. Some will tell you to look at a point five or ten feet in front of you on the ground. I’ll tell you where you should be looking when you squat: into your soul. Into the depths of the fire inside, where pain and promise are one. Look into the place where hardcoreness resides. –Hamilton Nolan

Strength: Behind the neck jerkWOD: Every min on the minute for 12:00 min do 1-shoulder press, 2-push press, 3-push or split jerks. *3 burpees to start each minute.Everyone 85% of 1RM Press.CFFB/Strength:SWOD: 3x5 Squat, 3x5 PressDWOD (6/25/12): 10:00 AMRAP of*7 DB bent over Rows*7 DB Hang Power Cleans*7 DB Push Pressrx is 50# dbsDAY 3/30 of 50 pushups, 50 situps BCF Challenge!Announcements**Reminder that tomorrow, we have a limited schedule. 6AM and 11AM. We are honoring a local hero from Waukesha, Daren Hidalgo, with the wod "Hidalgo". After the 11AM, we have the July 4th Social WOD and wish USA her birthday! Bring a dish or something you know we'll eat. Leftover food is always OK for snacking on later, right? BCF will provide beer and meat, and of course, the cornhole boards.**You talked – we heard! We now have open gym on Monday, Wednesday, and Fri at 7:30-9ish or so. This is NOT a coached session, but a coach is in the gym to ensure safety. There is no class structure to this time slot, and it’s not like a daily class where you come in to have the coaches lead you, correct your movement, coach you, etc. It’s purely for skill work, make up a lift, you name it. It’s also the hour or two that we will be having ourBadger CrossFit Competition Team hour. See below…**The BCF Competition Team training will be held M-W-F at 7:30am right now. It’s for serious, competitive athletes looking to compete in local, regional, and national venues in the sport of CrossFit. Not much in terms of scaling here. This is hardcore stuff — muscle-ups, dips, pistols, ring-handstand pushups, etc. But also, heavy lifting and technical work. Right now, this is a limited group of athletes who are looking to take their CF skills to the next level. To ensure safety, you must be suffice in your ROM and technique. But it is open to all who really want to. Min. 3 months experience of general CrossFit class experience rec.**Please take a moment to fill out your BCF Athlete Profile. Here’s the form.**Please fill out our survey!

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