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July 31, 2012

7/30 WOD: Hip flexor destruction.

So you are feeling like a champ and you want to go heavy but the trainer is telling you to drop the weight. Do you do it or not? The answer do it! Why? First off, the trainer is your coach and he/she is probably seeing something that you might not feel . Maybe you just aren't able to get the full range of motion that is required for the workout. Maybe there is a particular time frame that they want to hit. Just because there is a time limit of 20 minutes doesn't always mean the workout is supposed to take 20 minutes. They want you to get the desired responses from the workout. Second, they need to ensure that you are moving correctly to build the strength and flexibility to move as efficient as possible. If you build strength but move wrong then you WILL injure yourself and completely change the proper range of motion you were made for. Here's what I would like you to do as the athlete: If you think the weight will be too light, just bring it down and then go AS FAST AND HARD as you possibly can. You will still get an insane workout. They will see if its too light or not and will make adjustments for later. Keep the pride outside. The coaches are here for you!Strength: Back Squats 1x20. This should be a max UNBROKEN set.WOD: 50 Mountain Climbers15 DL 95/65#, 15 Thrusters50 Mountain Climbers12 DL 95/65#, 12 Thrusters50 Mountain Climbers9 DL 95/65#, 9 Thrusters50 Mountain ClimbersAnnouncements:**Want to stay updated? Join the BCF Text Message System to be alerted to last minute updates, changes, news, etc. via text message. It’s free for you (unless you pay per text?…). Just text 414-751-8966 the word bcfand you’re in. Follow the directions.**USAW Senior International Coach Mike Gattone is coming to Badger CrossFit to teach the Oly movements the snatch! Sunday, August 5th! Details here! RSVP and pay here! Limited seats.**CPR/AED/First Aid Course coming to BCF August 18th from 10-12:30pm. Good for 1 year certification. Taught by AHA instructors. Dummies, etc. will be provided. You show up! Details here.**Mobility Workshop Coming to BCF October 20th! Details here!**Please take a moment to fill out your BCF Athlete Profile. Here’s the form.

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