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August 9, 2011

8/10/11: 5K Run

Not only do we need to be fit for life, but we should know how to hack life so we can survive it. We don't just use our bodies to survive, we use our minds as well. This article points out 50 things that everyone should know how to do, and then provides resources to learn! Learn it, live it, love it!Today's WOD is a benchmark at BCF, meaning you will see it again. 5K's are great to gauge how you're doing on your aerobic fitness and we use this and many others to see how you improve. It's also common for people to ask you what your 5K time is. Be ready folks!We will also be giving everyone who is a member access to our members-only site to view the PR board! We'll be putting one in the gym as well.. Stay tuned for that email!8/10 WOD:Individual Warm-up: 10-skin the catsWarm up: Badger Warm-up. Part 2: 20-partner med balls and sit-ups. Part 3: 10-presses with bar, 10-ring dips.Strength: Clean 1) 3 x 70% 2) 3 x 80% 3) 3+ x 90% WOD: 5k row or runRecovery: Back roleoutsPictures of the 8/9/2011 WOD:FB-Album[175859479153388]

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