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August 13, 2013

8/13 "Tuesday"

Some insightful bits from Tony Blauer..."For what level of mediocrity will you settle?" Colin Powell (has a) take on the same theme: "Mediocre people are always at their best."(Should we) Lower the bar? (There are) those people who look at the bar see it only in relationship to where they aren’t. And that bothers them. Instead of working harder, they want more to be less (a lazy misinterpretation of the "less is more" adage). Those who look at standards as an obstacle have confused that word with "standard." The standard isn’t meant to be generic or average. In fact, when used in a phrase such as "setting the standard," it’s supposed to mean, "that by which all else will be measured." Bluntly put, standards cannot be altered. They simply are.Lowering standards has been a worldwide epidemic for some time. Laziness may be a personality trait, but training for laziness was set in motion by bureaucrats and a little math (specifically, the egalitarian bell-curve, which was created to help statistics and egos). It doesn’t improve quality or conditions, but through osmosis, it has seeped into society’s work ethic. In the artistic sense of the word, I am an elitist. I believe the best should experience the greatest success because they’ve earned it. Practice doesn’t make perfect, and perfect practice doesn’t make perfect. Practice makes you better, and better is where it’s at....We should rarely, if ever, be satisfied with our performance. Now, that should not be interpreted to mean we shouldn’t be pleased with our performance in class or at a seminar. It’s fine to have a peak experience during a session, but after the fact, we should critique something (if not everything we just did). Standards aren’t some imaginary line we race to. They are visions, evolutions and possibilities. They represent the goals we set for ourselves every day....Standards should never be set for the common denominator. Messing with them so a quota can be met or so someone can feel good about a student’s progress is unconscionable for those of us who teach real-life street-defense tactics."Strength: Back Squat: 1X8@65%, 1X8@70, 1X6@80%, 1X6@85% – rest 2 minutes.Note: Perform 4 tire flips during rest.WDO: 5 rounds of::30 sec ME split jumps:30 sec rest:30 sec ME double unders:30 sec rest:30 sec ME power cleans (135/95):30 sec rest:30 sec ME HSPU:30 sec rest

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