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August 15, 2011

8/15 WOD: Seven and seven and seven?

At age 75, Walter Perfahl can perform feats that few at any age will ever replicate. He can be seen above demonstrating some of his moves for a group of onlookers in Germany. At first glance, you may assume that Walter is a former gymnast or circus performer, but neither is true. He’s actually a former miner. He’s always been physically active however, and regularly preaches the importance of fitness while performing his informal shows.A brief article about Walter can be found at the link below. It is written in German but can be converted through the Google Translator. Walter PerfahlIndividual Warm-up: 20-GHD situpsWarm-Up: Badger Warmup Part 2: 20-jumps squats, 15-push-ups, 10-pull-ups, 5-burpee box jumps. Part #3 20-dead-lifts with bar.Strength: Dead-lifts 1) 5 x 75%, 2) 3 x 85%, 3) 1+ 95%WOD: AMRAP in 7:00 of 7-pull-ups, 7-box jumps (24/20). Rest 1:00AMRAP in 7:00 of 7-push-ups, 7-air squats, Rest 1:00AMRAP in 7:00 of 7-burpees, 7-atomic sit-ups (V-ups).Recovery: 1:00 mature ring hold, 2:00 plank hold variations (Variations R-arm up, L-arm up, R-leg up, L-leg up, :30 each)FB-Album[178584062214263]

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