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August 18, 2014

8/19 "Tuesday"

Strength:Fitness:Front or Overhead SquatsWeighted PullupsWall ClimbsDouble-Under Practice OR Pistols PracticePerformance:Power CleanWOD:Fitness:C2B Pullups, Wall Ball (20/14), RunPerformance:Deadlifts, Cleans, Snatches, Pull-ups, chest-to-bar pull-ups, bar muscle-upsTroy's Squat Prescription:Write up and programming from Coach TroyIf there’s one area where most of us typical crossfitters are deficient – it’s the squat.The good news: it's fixable, guaranteed.How would a stronger squat help you? – the following will get easier: wall balls, thrusters, cleans, rowing, to name a few. Not to mention overall strength improvement that would apply to non-squat related items: upper body pressing, deadlift, the first pull of cleans & snatches.The simplest way to increase the squat for newer or squat deficient people is to follow a basic program which calls for you add weight each time you go in to squat. Commit to doing this for 20 weeks, two times per week. This is referred to as linear progression. No need to apply percentages each time you squat.How It Works• Pick your starting weight – 65-70% of your current 1RM is a good start• After warming up, perform 3 sets of 5 reps (aka 3x5) of the squat• Upon successful completion of your 3x5 for that day – next time you come in to squat add one of the following amounts:o If your starting 1RM squat is < 200 pounds, add 2.5# total after each successful squat session • How can you add 2.5# total? There are going to be 12 more silver looking washers on the weight rack with the metal plates. They weight .0625# each – put two of these on each side of the bar. There’s your 2.5 total pounds. (PS – these also work great if you’re trying to squeeze out a 1RM of a clean, jerk, snatch, press….EVERY pound counts) o If your starting 1RM squat is > 200 pounds, add 5# total each time you squat.• Plan on riding this program out for 16-20 weeks.• What happens when you fail? – Which WILL happen a set somewhere along the way. THIS IS OK/good. Example if your squat starting work set was 205# and you stick with the plan of adding 5# per squat session (10# per week) for 20 weeks with no fails….you’d be squatting 405# for 3x5.o Say I fail at 202.5# on the 4th rep on my last set. Next time you go in to squat DON’T add 2.5#.o Instead, drop to 90% of your last SUCCESSFUL 3x5 squat….if that was 200# then you’ll backup to 180# and build back up from there.Why It Works• Consistency – you will be squatting 2x/week• Training your Central Nervous System (CNS) to get used to heavier weights on a frequent basis• ConsistencyWhat about the rest of my life – how will it affect my success at this program?• Can you attend CF classes multiple days and do this? YES• Do I need to sleep well (8 hours per night target) and take my rest days? YES• Will I need to eat a touch more, especially surrounding the squat session? YES• Put at least 1 day (preferably a Rest Day) in between squat sessions. Never do back to back days.Who is this program NOT a fit for?• You cannot currently airsquat or squat with light weight to full depth. Work on that mobility!! You should be able to fix that and get to squatting safely. No point in having someone load up a bar with weight if they aren’t able to perform a basic, unloaded squat.• You are currently training for another upcoming event that involved fairly heavy volume…regular CF classes or maybe a weekend 1 day competition game on.That means if you are participating in the Granite Games, a Marathon/Half Marathon, or Half Ironman Triathlon (or Full Ironman), wait until your event is over so you can safely perform a squat. The BCF barbells and plates aren’t going to disappear anytime soon. They will be there.How Can I Track My Progress?I put together a Google doc that will allow you to edit and track. If you successfully lift 3x5, fill with green. A failed session would be red….then drop to 3x5 @ 90% of your last success next time. should and will be easy at first – let your body get used to squatting 2x/week. If you fail a set in your first or second week….you started too high. Drop it down and keep plugging.Final thoughts from John Welbourn, found of Crossfit Football and a response to a question he received a couple years ago from a person at a crossfit gym and how they can apply CF Football principles in addition to regular CF workouts. Note the question, response and further down replies from other people.!If this garners enough interest, look out for an upcoming time where Troy will make himself available for 10-15 minutes to answer any questions that members might have!

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