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August 21, 2013

8/22 "Thursday"

The most impressive thing about Rich Froning is the way he seems to win these competitions. It’s never about being the best at any one event (though he did destroy everybody on the final day), but rather being proficient in all of the events. And isn’t that the fitness that CrossFit strives to create? You are only as fit as you are competent in each of the 10 elements of fitness.Cardiovascular EnduranceStaminaStrengthPowerSpeedAgilityBalanceCoordinationFlexibilityAccuracyBig holes in a given element will negate an athletes relative strengths. The CrossFit Games, and its Open and Regional predecessors, operate the same way. Only the athletes that display proficiency in most/all of the events will find themselves on the podium come the final day.Rich Froning embodies this definition of fitness. If you take a look at his 2013 Games’ performance, he only climbed into first place at the end of Saturday (officially day 3). What’s noteworthy about this fact is that he managed to claim top spot without earning a single 1st place finish in any of the events up to that point. The competition could have ended at that point, and he still would have been atop the sport.So yes, while Rich did display some “weaknesses”, they were still better than most of the other athletes’ “strengths”.What does it all mean? You never have to be the best at any one event, you just have to be proficient at all things. And that’s exactly who Rich Froning is. That is also the fitness that CrossFit promotes. Jason Khalipa is an amazing athlete, but until he manages to improve his running and bodyweight prowess just a little bit more, he’ll be finding himself playing second fiddle to Froning for years to come.Attack your weaknesses. Stay balanced. Don’t skip 5k runs. Be excited to improve at all aspects of fitness, not just the ones you think are most important. Nature (and competition) is unpredictable and will reward the most well rounded, not the specialist.***From Crossfitkinnick.comStrength:5x3 Heaving Snatch Balance - tech and/or heavy.WOD: 2 rounds of 15-Power Snatch, 21-L-pull-ups, 9 shoulder taps (each side)RX:135/95. L2: 75% 1RM Snatch dead-hang pull-ups. L1: 55/35, 10-banded dead-hang.

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