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August 22, 2013

8/23 "Friday"

Why do we make our prescribed workouts so hard? Who can do these things prescribed anyways??? The object is NOT to make people feel inferior. Its not an ELITIST thing. BUT we program for the best there is, and for all of our other members, we scale. There is a particular response we are looking for out of each workout. When scaling or modifying is done correctly, every person will benefit the same as others who didn't.It doesnt matter if one person is deadlifting 315# for reps and someone else is deadlifting 105# for the same reps scheme because it all depends on the individual. However, we know that many get super fired up if they are able to do a workout prescribed. Don't do RX if you fall out of the time, intensity, or response we are looking for.If 95% of the class gets done at the 10 minute mark and you're still going at 18 minutes, this is NOT right. Talk to your coach about scaling. It's better to go hard and fast with awesome form for 8 minutes than 18 in this little example. But the opposite is true as well -- if you're finishing at the 5 minute mark, then the scale was TOO light. Don't be that person and try to guess. Use our LEVELS on the whiteboard for guidance. Talk to us. Write your weights down with a WOD Journal so you know. Let's do this and think about your fitness - don't be a zombie WODDER!Strength: 15 minutes to establish 10RM bench press. Start at 45% 1RM bench.WOD:3 rounds of 30 alt. pistols, 20 T2B, 10 Wall Walks

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