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August 31, 2014

8/31 "Sunday"

Happy Labor Day! I hope everyone enjoys their holiday weekend! Few things I want to say...

1. Monday, we are officially closed. No workouts unless one of our coaches wants to open up a class. If you have to workout, consider doing a 5k run. We have a lot of you who run in here. Be with friends, push eachother, be a community!!! We all get better because of eachother.

2. If you haven't taken a rest week in > 4 months, NOW is the time. Good opportunity to. The body needs to heal. The mind needs to chill. Go out and have fun with your fitness before summer ends. Swim, bike, play a sport, don't touch a barbell!!! The world is a fitness playground.

3. Rest. Yes, It actually helps you. Don't use the weekend as an excuse to eat poor while you rest. Enjoy it, yes, but be sensical.4. Next week will be our last week before we start up our next cycle of strength! Fitness/Performance groups, now is your time to decide WHAT your goals are. What are you trying to accomplish and why.... We will be sending out an email soon about this.5. Enjoy your weekend BCF! Be safe and have fun!

WOD:Run, DB snatch, Med-ball Situp to Stand-up, Clap/HS Pushups, Back Extensions, Front Squats, Wall Walks

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