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August 6, 2013

8/7 "Wednesday"

Training Secrets From Sam Briggs, CF Games Winner***Work Your WeaknessesThe knee injury ruled a lot of exercises out but I found a good gymnastics coach and chose to use this time to work on my weaknesses. Long sessions were also spent with a functional movement therapist ensuring when I was able to squat and lift again my mechanics were more efficient. There were definite positives to come out of taking time off due to injury. The rehab and attention to technique that was employed, newly improved gymnastics and more efficient movements resulted in me being a more rounded athlete.Go by FeelI will still do more training than is planned if I feel OK, but I always let my coach know what I've done so it can be factored in. Also, I'm more aware of programming and the effects of training so I'm not constantly beating my body up anymore. I do now allow some recovery time too!Train Hard, Rest HardI typically train every day but two of these will be lower intensity or active recovery days. The normal training day will be broken into two sessions both ranging from two to three hours, depending on loads or intensity of training employed. I try to mix the training up as much as I can.Rest Actively I don't typically have a complete rest day—I'll have active recovery days where I enjoy getting out on my bike, going swimming, or skiing.Avoid AlcoholI try to eat as clean as possible. If I fancy a treat I'll have it and not worry about it. My favorite treat is a white chocolate and raspberry cookie. I don't really drink. Occasionally I will indulge, but I find alcohol has the biggest negative effect on my training so I see it as a waste of time.Competing Isn't EverythingI'm still a firefighter at the moment. I just took a career break to concentrate on the games this year. Along with that I part own TRAIN Manchester/CrossFit Black Five. Sometimes it does get stressful trying to juggle everything and ensure I manage to get my training in. I guess that's life though!Strength:12 minutes to work to a near maximal complex of: Push Press + Push Jerk + Split Jerk (from blocks or rack).WOD: 10 barbell step-ups (135/95) (back rack), 10 HSPU, 50 kb swings (55/35)10 barbell step-ups, 10 HSPU, 40 kb swings10 barbell step-ups, 10 HSPU, 30 kb swings10 barbell step-ups, 10 HSPU, 20 kb swings10 barbell step-ups, 10 HSPU, 10 kb swingsRxC: Perform 3 bar muscle-ups after each round***from

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