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September 10, 2013

9/11 "Wednesday"

"In the cross fit world, you can go from feeling down on yourself and completely tapped out to seeing the very best in this special community, of which you are just as important a part as the guy who can dead lift 500 lbs or the girl who can finish Annie in less than 5 minutes. Tired as your fellow WODders are, they still find the strength to pick themselves up out of the classic CrossFit recovery position (flat on one’s back on the ground). They still find the breath to cheer you on for those last few agonizing rounds, reps or seconds. They want you to succeed. They won’t let you fail. You really can do it!Then the day comes when you finish a WoD and look around, only to see the struggle in someone else’s eyes. What do you do? You run over to them, exhausted as you are, and extinguish their suffering with an outpouring of support. When they finish, you share in their victory as if it’s your own!Funny thing about CrossFit is that as remarkable as this scene is, it’s commonplace in our world. This scene reenacts itself almost daily in boxes around the world. And it’s just as spine-tingling and goose-bump raising as it was the first time you bore witness to it. Every single one of us has been there. From our first intro class to the CrossFit Games, we see competitors who care more about everyone else on the workout floor than they do for themselves. Were you watching Rich Froning after he won the CrossFit Games? Remember what he did? He ran back down the arena floor to cheer on his fellow CrossFitters. He was right next to them as they completed their reps, cheering them on.The workout ain’t done until we all finish. Every last one of us."***Strength: 12 min to find 3RM push press.WOD:For time. (Cap is 20 minutes.)50 lateral bar hops5 Jerk,10 KBS,10 T2B5 Jerk,15 KBS,15 T2B5 Jerk,20 KBS,20 T2B5 Jerk,25 KBS,25 T2B5 Jerk,30 KBS,30 T2B50 lateral bar hops.Rx: 135/95 L2: 60% of 3RM above. L1: 75/45. 55/35# KBSImportant badger news:If you're interested in Crossfit Endurance contact Dan Mitchell or Larissa Bennett for this program. 530pm on Tues and Thur and some Saturdays...Sign up here> regards to the new level 2 classes:If you have a question about any of this information please speak with Tyler, IN PERSON.1. Level 2 programming is for the Level 2 Classes (they are not on the schedule yet).2. Until the L2 classes are on the schedule, the L2 athletes will be doing their WODs on the other side of the gym or off to a side somewhere.3. Doing your 'own thing' will be tolerated when applicable, but not all the time. You just need to talk to me or the coach running the class.4. Once you test into the L2 programming, you are able to do our L2 programming.5. Daily BCF programming is perfectly laid out for everyone, including L2 athletes. It's to develop well-rounded fitness, not to be a Games athlete. Daily classes are where you get better if your desire is to get to L2.6. The L2 programming is for the athlete who wants to be in the Sport side of CrossFit. Or to get really strong to compete. Not to just be fit.Overall, we are doing this class/programming to just make the athletes who want compete to have an outlet to get better at the Sport. You are more than welcome to work on skills, strength, mobility on your own as extra credit type stuff before or after a class, as long as I or another coach knows what you're doing. We just want everyone to be safe and have fun, and of course, become as elite as possible.- Crossfit Yogis don't forget to look for Yoga on the calendar, Sept. 16th at 6:00pm!***From

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