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September 11, 2013

9/12 "Thursday"

Strength: RDL-8x4. (NOT a stiff DL)Watch video: Dips-5x3 w/ 3 count negative.WOD: 5 rounds of 50 double-unders, 15 burpees, 2 bear complexes (PC, FS, PP, BS, PP) Rest:60 secRX: 155/105 L3: 135/95 L2: 115/75 L1: 95/65Important Info: A week of firsts for BCF -- our first Kids class, CF Endurance started, our Level 2 programming for competitors and our Oly lifting program started!!! Something for everyone.It's summer clean out!!! Any items in here come Monday we are donating. If you have shoes or ropes etc please grab!!! We will expand our cubbies again once we complete everything. Also anything in lost and found is going too! Please double check or strangers will be walking the streets with amazing cross fit gear.Going forward if you have any membership issues or questions or need any help regarding renewals of punch cards etc. please email your questions to instead of facebook messaging. Other people are now helping with these sort of things! Thanks all!Retail reminder: If you take any retail item from the office, please remember to write it in detail on the order sheet. Also, more paleo kits/RX bars are on their way. Thank you for your patience! --

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