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September 1, 2014

9/2 "Tuesday"

Please be sure to email for any and all requests for membership related things, customer service, support, etc. Though we love hearing directly from many of you, emails directly to our coaches, Facebook messages, etc. are not places to do these requests or customer support issues. Everyone on our staff gets these emails and your service will be greatly improved if you email this address instead. Especially since Sara is out of the office this and next week, this is super important.

We look forward to another great week of programming coming up! A few things noteworthy coming up!

Member Events (see UPCOMING EVENTS on the left of this post):

End of Summer Throwdown!

Tuesday the 2nd at 12 noon is the LAST CHANCE to get signed up for the End of Summer Throwdown! We are putting together teams on Wednesday! It will be 3 or 4 man teams - depending on the ratio men:women and of course total signups! If you are interested in volunteering and judging, WE NEED YOU! Please email us and we will put out a list! The workouts are being released Thursday or Friday! We will have 3 WODs that test many domains! Oh and the one that will be tested most is the "fun" domain! :)

BCF Social WOD: Golf Outing!

Please be sure to get all signed up for the BCF Golf Outing on Sunday! Even if you are not good at golf (99% of us), it will be an amazing time! So far we have 16! Prizes for the scramble!


Fitness: Front Squat, Ring dips, Ring rows
Performance: Back Squat


Fitness: Thrusters, Burpees
Performance: SHSPU, Thrusters, GHR

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