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September 27, 2012

9/27 WOD: Whew... Pick me up!

When you get a bad time on a workout, where do you think it happens? Bad runner, terrible double unders, not strong enough? Those are all very good possibilities but the MAIN THING that slows you down is your REST TIME!!! The longer you are sitting there and not moving, the longer your time is. I know that we all want to try to catch out breath as much as possible when we are hitting it hard. "If I just rest a touch more, then ill be able to get to 10 reps on this next piece." Sound familiar?? We all think it, but you need to do EVERYTHING you can to get back on the bar. There is a phenomena called "bar-stare hypnosis" where you say you will stop for just a sec and then you stare at the bar for 30 seconds to 1 minute. This is just wasted time. 1) you are losing valuable time in the workout, 2) you are losing benefits to the workout because the intensity for that workout is dropping. Remember, INTENSITY is POWER, or the amount of work that is being done faster. Here are some ideas to help keep you moving: As you move from one movement to the next, do whatever it takes to start immediately. Take your break during the movement rather than between because since its not a normal spot to stop, you will get back to work quicker. Try not to allow yourself to work to failure on a movement because then you will NEED to rest longer to get back on it and you will feel how heavy your arms or legs are. Keep it right below the "red-line". Finally, tell yourself that no matter what you will not rest longer than a 7, 5 or 3 second count and when you reach zero, grab it and go! Discipline yourself to minimize that rest and your time will skyrocket and so will your benefits!Group:Strength: DE Bench Press 10x3 @ 70% 1RM Rest :30-45 secWOD: 3 Rounds 800m run, 30 overhead plate walking lunge, 15 Toe to Bar. RX:45/25CF Football (Tue and Thur):TuesSWOD: 3x5 SquatDWOD: 20 minutes handstand work - holds, hold in bottom, hold halfway, full ROM HSPU10 rounds:*sprint 100 yards*15 hollow rocksThursSWOD: DL up to 5RM for the daySpeed DL, use 80% of 5RM and do 5x3 with :60 rest intervalsDWOD: 8:00 as many reps*max strict pullups*max plyo pushups[learn_more caption="Click here for news"]**Halloween Party/Social WOD, Friday, Oct 19th! Details are here!**BCF In-House Fall Throwdown is ON! YOU MUST SIGN UP here!**CrossFit Endurance started! If you are interested but couldn’t make it, please consider signing up for our next session (if the current one is successful).**Please take a moment to fill out your BCF Athlete Profile. Here’s the form.[/learn_more]

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