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September 29, 2013

9/30 "Monday"

Strength: 1) In 10 minutes find Paused Snatch heavy single, then 2x2 @ 90%2) In 10 minutes find Paused Clean & Jerk heavy single, then 2x(2+1) @ 90%Notes: Two second pause just below knees. Emphasize maintaining a strong back and keeping tension on the hamstrings, and make sure that you continue the up-and-back movement of the bar as you proceed from the paused position. ENSURE EXACT 10 MINUTES!WOD: 4 rounds for time:6 squat clean thrusters 155#/105#12 bar facing burpeesRun 400mNotes: Squat clean thruster must be completed in one smooth motion – you may not stop at the rack position and then push press or jerk[learn_more caption="NEWS"]Up for new Reebok Nanos? Want some swag? We will be making a large order. New catalog in my office. I will get it in PDF soon. Shirts, shoes, accessories etc. all at a way better price through BCF.Interested in mastering ring dips and pullups? Check out Tyler's progression program:dips: ups:***Do you have UnitedHealthCare for your health insurance? If so, you may be entitled to fitness center reimbursement. BCF is a registered facility and you could get back $20 every month per person from UHC for attending > 12 times a month! L2 classes have started! We plan to have a test out day every month for which you test out to enter this class. It's an advanced class for advanced athletes looking to take their fitness to another level, either as a competitor in the Sport of CrossFit, or just to be better in general. The guidelines are here: "Voodoo" bands but hate the price? After all, it's just rubber! I'd go with the black or orange ones here: no one RSVPs to open gyms, they will be canceled! So be sure to RSVP if you are planning on stopping in.If you leave a pool of sweat, there is a mop and bucket. Use it. It's not only for coaches.Final note, when you touch it, you must clean it. If you use it, put it away (cups, tape, boxes, rings, etc). The more that the coaches have to clean up, the more it takes away from coaching.Summer = heat = humidity = sweat = more to clean. Please keep YOUR gym the cleanest gym around.[/learn_more]

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