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September 4, 2013

9/5 "Thursday"

Strength: 15 min to est. 1RM of 2 clean pulls + 1 clean & jerk.WOD: 5 rounds of 4 muscle-ups, 300m row, 20 plate g2oh (45/35). Rest :60 after each round.(Scale is 12 C2B pullups instead of mu)NOTES: Don’t pull high on pulls. Keep consistent. Show speed under bar. For the WOD, do 12 C2B pullups instead of MU if athlete doesn’t have one. No dips today. Pullup strength needs to be addressed by too many in here so this will work the top end pull a bit more. Each round is a sprint. Don’t let athlete hold back. Rest :60 should be paced and no standing.Important dates coming up!Yoga - sept 16 at 6pmOlympic weightlifting program -sept 11CrossFit kids - sept 10

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