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September 5, 2013

9/6 "Friday"

"One of the amazing things about what we do at BCF is hold everyone responsible for what they do. You are responsible for counting your reps honestly. You are responsible for taking care of your gyms equipment. You are responsible for the score, time, or weight you get on your workout. Your health and your fitness is YOUR responsibility! All the work and things you do here translate to your overall world. All of you have come to that point in your life where you said, "I need a change", or "Im tired of being like this", or "I really need to try that" and you all stepped through that door on your own. You took responsibility to make something happen. Sure, we want to increase our business, but we dont want people in here who DO NOT want to be here. For those of you who have brought yourself through the doors, we will do everything we can to make you a better, healthier, more fit human being. For those that feel that we need to reach out to you before you are willing change...well let's just say that we will wait until YOU are ready. There is a whole community, a whole world, a whole new life waiting for you! For those that are and have been here...Congrats on taking your life by the horns."Strength:12 min to est. max of Push Press, Push Jerk, Split JerkWOD:400m run, 10 deadlifts (275/185), 50 double-unders400m, 15 DL, 75 double-unders400m, 20 DL, 100 double-unders

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