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August 2, 2011

Aug. 3: #3

Reminder: We offer free Saturday morning workouts to all neophytes! Please look at our schedule and contact us if you have questions. Also, our next elements class is Aug. 15th.Individual Warm-up: 20 pull-ups.Warm up: Badger Warmup Part 2: 20-jumping squats and clapping push-ups. Part 3: 20-dead-lifts, 10-front squats, 10-hang squat cleans.Strength: Cleans 1) 5 x 65% 2) 5 x 75% 3) 5 x 85%WOD: 33 burpees10-rounds of 5-Ring dips, 10-Air-squats33 burpeesRecovery: 3:00 deep squat hold, 25m inchworm stretch, partner chest stretch.FB-Album[173063376099665]

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