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June 20, 2012

Class times and structure

Hi Badger CrossFitters!Due to the nature of our class format, how much we pack in, and class sizes, we all need to ensure this class format is known and being followed. It needs to be adhered to, otherwise times will run over to other class times, and it keeps it consistent for us as trainers to maintain a class, properly allow for training instruction and execution. If you are late, regardless of the time, it's an automatic 10 burpees penalty (the rule on the board is changed). You get that much less time to warmup.Example -- If class starts at 4:30PM:430-440=warmup. 10 min is suffice to the the BCF warmup, and then some. If you get to BCF early, and have completed the warmup by 430 already, you can work on a skill, continue to stretch, foam roll etc. Don't move ahead to the skill session or the strength portion until the rest of the class is at the 440 point.440-445=Skill session. I try to never program skills to be more than 5 minutes. Let's be exact on this and not spill over to the time we work on strength.445-5=Strength. I am going to be making a few changes in this programming so 15 min is going to be packed with lifts. You'll be seeing more set rest times between sets.5-520(maybe :30)=WOD. I always try to make metcons less than 30 min max. Sometimes this spills over, but sometimes there is a 30 min time cap for this reason. Most metcons are between 10-20 min. avg.525-530=Recovery. Stretch, foam, lacrosse, etc.Any thoughts or questions, please let me know!

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