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November 4, 2012

Clean gym? Thank you Crabbes!

For those that do not know, Derek and Natalie are responsible for cleaning the gym from the top-down each week! They clean up everything from dried blood, sweat, skin and puke to the basic dust, grime and grit! And each week, they take major time out of their days to ensure the facility is in top notch condition for us to use for the next week. Everyone benefits from their services as it provides a clean, neat, safe and efficient gym for us all. Diseases, germs, bacteria, etc. are very present in any atmosphere, but CrossFit gyms are that much more unique so they take the extra step to ensure everything is disinfected to health standards.With that, please ensure you clean up your water cups, notify staff if TP or paper towel is out, clean up your spit, sweat, blood etc. with a rag and bleach solution, and put away equipment NEATLY. Anything that you used or touched should be wiped down before you put it away. If we are out of bleach solution, let us know. We want this to be a clean environment, esp with the flu/cold season approaching.So when you see the Crabbes next, tell them 'Thank you!'

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