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April 1, 2012

CrossFit Maturity

CrossFit MaturityI remember when I first began CrossFit, I refused to take a rest day. I loved it so much. And besides, it was only an hour a day. I started to notice a trend: by day four or five, I was lagging behind in the workouts; not performing as well as I had on workouts one, two, and three. I began resting every three days. CrossFit maturity…I also used to insist on doing the prescribed weights. This was the case even if it meant the range of motion wasn’t desirable and it would take me longer to finish a workout than it actually should. I would round my back in deadlifts and press out heavy snatches. Then, I got injured. This is something I still struggle with at times, but usually, I remind myself to scale when necessary for my own benefit. CrossFit maturity…I used to want to fix everything at once~get a heavier deadlift, snatch, get consecutive muscle-ups, rep out strict handstand push-ups, master the butterfly pull-up~ Then, I realized that I was driving myself crazy; never leaving the gym feeling accomplished. So, I decided to work on 1-2 goals at a time. Oddly enough, I began achieving more. CrossFit maturity...I used to go like a bat outta’ hell at the “3, 2, 1, GO!” Pacing, what??? Blow my load in the first two minutes? Most definitely. Then, I learned my threshold. I learned how hard I could go, and how hard I could maintain. I learned to run the same pace for my first 800, and for my fifth. CrossFit maturity…I used to mentally collapse when someone got ahead of me in a workout. Call it quits. Admit defeat. But then I learned, four rounds, five rounds, or twenty minutes is a long time…I’ll catch-up. CrossFit maturity…You see, we don’t expect adolescents and teenagers to know everything, for they’re new at navigating through this life thing. Well, most of us are new to CrossFit (and even a couple of years is still new). Why do we expect so much from ourselves right from the get-go? Why can we not wait for our CrossFit maturity to naturally develop?Sure, you should take advice from your coaches, the wonderful web-based world of CrossFit, and other athletes that may know more than you, but, many times, you will learn things on your own.You’ll mature...--Courtesy of Shoreline CrossFit

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