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August 21, 2012

Eating Right When You Don't Have Much Time!

Eating Right When You Don’t Have Much Timeby ROBERT HARDENMost people today lead very busy lives and they try to pack as much as possible into a single day. Unfortunately, this can mean letting your healthy eating plans FAIL as you turn to “quick fix food” that will KILL your diet.If you are one of those people, and wonder “HOW DO OTHER PEOPLE DO IT?” Then please keep reading!If you’re still here, I can assume you’re super busy, and you are challenged daily for making time for healthy meals and snacks. So to help you to manage a healthy diet while following a workout routine, here are some tips on eating right when you don’t have much time.1. Always make sure that you plan your meals in advance.Not only will this help you to plan something healthy it will also help you when making your shopping list. Doing this will also prevent you from making unhealthy choices when it comes to mealtimes. You absolutely must plan your meals ahead of time.2. If you don’t have time to cook every day, make healthy meals in advance.You can easily whip up a healthy soup, stew or salad that you can eat within minutes and that will last for a few days. When you have these meals and cooked meats to add to them in your refrigerator you can grab them on the go. This will stop you from making unhealthy fast food choices.It is all too easy to turn to junk food when you are short on time. But by stocking up on healthy foods that require little preparation you have everything you need on hand. This will give you no excuse to eat JUNK that will KILL your diet.3. Have a “backup” source for quick snacks when ALL ELSE FAILS.Personally, some of my favorites are simple things like: protein powder (just add water), Shakeology (just add water), P90X Protein Bars (chocolate peanut butter is AWESOME), Cliff Bars, any fruit, any veggie, drink extra water, try this FANTASTIC homemade Protein Bar recipe (cheap to make), and when all else fails… I’d almost rather skip a meal then eat JUNK that will set my progress back. I know skipping meals is REALLY a last resort, but I don’t use the “no time” excuse to eat junk food.By following these simple tips you will always have healthy food ready to eat which will help you to stick to your workout routine and get the most from your fitness programs. Remember, FAIL to PLAN, PLAN to FAIL.

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