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April 15, 2014

GrassFed Beef, Pork, Sausage, Ham

Steve from VDL is going to be in the area on Friday, April 25th and Saturday, April 26th and he's taking orders!If you are interested, you will go directly through him! You can shoot him an email at with what you'd like!Please see the below price list!GrassFed Beef:Mixed share of beef is 10-15 lbs, consists of: Six packages of hamburger, about 1.1 pounds each. Two packages of steak, one of high end steak (Ribeye, TBone, Sirloin), one of medium steak (round, chuck), steak totals about 3.5 lbs average. Also in the share is one roast, about 3.5 lbs average. Steak and roast packages vary in size quite a bit, you might get a six pound roast or you might get a 2 pound roast. You might get 3 pounds of steak and you might get 5 pounds of steak. Price is 6.97 per pound.Hamburger share of beef is 11 or 12 packages of hamburger and weighs about 12.5 pounds. Each package is about 1.1 pounds. Price is 6.45 per pound.Quarters, Halves and Whole cows: I also have quarters and halves of beef. Contact me to see what I have available. A quarter of beef usually produces about 100 pounds of meat. The breakdown will be approximately: 50 percent hamburger. 20-30 percent steaks, 20-30 percent roasts. There will also be things like liver, heart, tongue, oxtail, marrow bones. These final things are thrown in for free (usually 10-15 pounds worth). It will arrive all cut and wrapped. Wrapping is usually vacuum packed and with hamburger in approximate 1 pound chubs. Price is 6.80 per pound. This usually works out better than the competition when you do the math.I also have:Beef Snack Sticks: one pound package, $20.00.Beef Bratwurst: 1.5 pound package, $9.35/lb.Beef Jerky: 8 Oz pkg $17.50.Beef Liver: 3.50 per pound.Beef Wieners: 1 pound package, $12.50Bones, Marrow or Joint (Let me know which you want): $3.50 per pound.Ground Beef per pound: $6.45Roast per pound: $7.65Steak per pound: $11.50Stew Meat: $6.50Tongue: $6.50 .Pastured Pork:Bacon: $7.50/Lb. Regular thick-cut bacon. (Nitrate)Bacon, Boston: $6.50/Lb. Made the Boston Butt part of the pig.Bacon, Canadian: $6.50/Lb. Made from the Pork Loin.Bacon, Chicago Style: $6.50/Lb. GrassFed Beef and Pork -> Bacon.Beef Brisket Bacon: $7.50/Lb. Made from GrassFed Beef Brisket.Seasoned Pork: $5.25/Lb. No Nitrates at all, made from different part of the pig.Smoked Pork: $5.25/Lb. Natural Nitrate (from Celery) bacon recipe, different part of the pig than regular bacon. I will be starting to have this soon. Order it and see if it is in stock yet.About Bacon: I have trouble keeping up with the demand for bacon. Currently have all styles on hand but limited amounts of each. I reserve the right to substitute one type of bacon for another if I need to in order to fill an order. Will not sub in Seasoned Pork without specific permission.Other:Ham: $4.00/Lb. (Running low on this.)Ham Steak: $4.40/LbPork Bratwurst: $5.80/LbPork Steak: $4.00/Lb (Running low on this.)Pork Chops: $5.40/LbPork Roast: $4.25/LbSausage: $4.75/Lb (breakfast sausage to be made into patties)Spare Ribs: $4.75/LbIn placing an order via email, please make it look like this>Name: Usually at the start of the email.Email Address: Also at the start of the email unless it is someone putting in orders for more than himself. If I don’t have each individual’s email address, I will send estimates/invoices to whatever email address I have.Order(example):1 mixed share2 lbs regular bacon (OK to sub in Boston Bacon)1 lb Chicago Bacon (No Sub Please!)2 lbs pork brats10 lbs beef roast (2 small and 1 big if you can do it that way)Ham(s) for Christmas (the bigger the better, it is for 20 people) at least 10 lbs. Most hams are about 4.5 pounds.1 hamburger share.1 pork roast (big is good)Note:A day or so before delivery Steve packs the orders, gets the exact weights and sends out final invoices. There will be an online payment link on the final invoice. Pay before, at the time of delivery or very shortly after delivery. I take online payments, checks, credit cards, cash and PayPal. I like the online link best because it takes zero time at delivery, you don’t have to be there at delivery, and the book keeping is all automatic.

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