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January 5, 2013

January's Featured Male Athlete: Dustin Hansen

Name: Dustin HansenHometown: Rice, MNAge: 23CrossFitting since: March 2012Favorite WOD or movement: Anything with a kettlebell.Least favorite WOD or movement: Overhead Squats..What is your fitness background? What were you doing before CrossFit? I played football and threw shot and discus in high school, then was on the football team for my freshman year at St. John's University (MN.) Once I moved on from football I had just been running and trying to lose weight/get in shape for the last few years. Recently though I hadn't been doing a whole lot to contribute to my overall health/fitness.How did you get into CrossFit? I hated always working out on my own and I needed to find a way to work out that wasn't just running, which I found very boring. I saw some of the competitions on TV and began to wonder what it was all about. I looked in to local gyms and found BCF. I signed up for the elements course 4 months ago, and have been hooked every since.How have you changed since starting Badger CrossFit? I now find myself wanting to work out. In fact, I need it. I love coming to the gym and working out with other people who push and motivate me to be better. My workouts have become far more consistent and intense since starting at BCF. I've also met some great people, which makes me look forward to being at the gym even more.What are your goals for 2013? Where are you in terms of achieving them? I'm working to continue getting stronger and improving my lifting techniques. I'm also looking to focus more on my aerobic fitness. I think I'm coming along really well, and I have recently increased my workouts to 4X/week, and I'm starting to make my way into RX weights and movements.What makes Badger CrossFit unique? I really like the way we mix heavy lifting and aerobic WODs. I also think its a great community of driven people who are focused on improving themselves every time they step into the gym.Any best BCF stories? Recently I returned home to Minnesota to meet up with some friends of mine from college, many of whom I had not seen for about 6 months. We had just started talking and catching up when one of them stopped the conversation and said, "Dustin, I have to tell you right now that you look so great!" When she asked what I'd been doing to get in this shape I said, "I recently joined this crossfit gym..." and proceeded to tell her all about it. I'm the most fit I've been in a long time after only 4 months at BCF. I couldn't be happier.What advice do you have for people just getting started? Keep at it. Improvements take time, but they will come if you stay focused and are consistent.

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