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October 2, 2012

October's Featured Female Athlete: Meghan Polender

[caption id="attachment_4332" align="alignnone" width="423"] Meghan P in da house![/caption]Name: Meghan PolenderHometown: Wauwatosa, WIAge: 24CrossFitting since: September 2011Favorite WOD or movement: Snatches and Cleans, or any type of Squat. Pretty much anything involving a barbell :)Least favorite WOD or movement: Mountain Climbers and Ring DipsWhat is your fitness background? What were you doing before CrossFit? I did a lot of running before CrossFit (was a sprinter in high school, then transitioned to long distance runs through college and beyond). Participated in numerous 5k's, 10k's, Half Marathons and Triathlons. I also jumped on the P90X and Insanity bandwagons during college to stay fit, and to give me some variety apart from running - this was my first introduction to any sort of strength training. Also played several sports in high school and college ranging from Track, Volleyball, Softball, and Intramural Football. I have always enjoyed staying fit and being active :)How did you get into CrossFit? I was introduced to CrossFit by a friend in Ohio who belongs to a box in the Toledo area. I convinced my mom to give it a try with me, and we haven't looked back since!How have you changed since starting Badger CrossFit? The question is, how haven't I changed!?! Not only has CrossFit improved my strength and overall level of fitness, but it has also improved my mental will to keep going, and push through the desire to quit, in order to achieve maximum results. I noticed during the half marathon that I just completed, that I was able to push myself to continue running, whereas the old me would have talked myself into taking walking breaks, and not putting in max effort. The "primal" way of eating that CrossFit introduced has also changed my diet immensely. I had always assumed that the whole grains I ate at every meal were healthy for me, but I am so grateful to have learned otherwise.What are your goals for 2012? Where are you in terms of achieving them? My goals for 2012 include continuing to work on my pull ups, by strengthening my back muscles and continuing the "strict pull up program." I can do a few kipping pull ups at a time now, but struggle with large amounts of them in a WOD. I would also like to hit a 200lb back squat this year. Only 15lbs away! (EDIT: I THINK SHE HAS THIS NOW!!!)What makes Badger CrossFit unique? BCF is unique to any other fitness program that I have experienced because of the variety, sense of community, and level of attention that you receive from the trainers. I show up every morning having no idea what to expect, and always leave feeling proud that I accomplished what was up on the board for the day. I look forward to working out, because I know that I will be challenged, and I will get to workout with an incredible group of people, all striving to become healthier, fitter and stronger.Any best BCF stories? My favorite BCF moments have come from the time spent with members outside of the gym (at social WODs, etc.). It's amazing to see the friendships extend beyond the support in the gym!What advice do you have for people just getting started? Don't be intimidated, or feel bad that you have less weight on your bar than others. It takes time and commitment to build up your strength, but if you stick with it, I promise you will see huge gains! Everyone that I have met at BCF are incredible athletes in their own way, and we are always eager to meet and get to know new faces in our classes :)

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