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September 5, 2011

Paleo Shopping Guide

*Much of this list is taken (word for word) from Robb Wolf. Thanks Robb!

Step 1: Get rid of your crap.

Throw out all the crap in your house. If you can’t throw it out, take it to a food pantry or Goodwill.

Step 2: Buy Meat and Eggs

Your first step is quality meat and eggs! Personally, I recommend whatever is most convenient. Don't make trips all over the city trying to find Omega-3 enriched eggs. Buy whatever you can. Ideal is free range.More on MeatBe on the look out for “Grass Fed” or “Pasture Raised” meats at your local grocery store. If that’s not an option , you should still be eating meat from wherever you shop.Skin and yolk should be eaten. Think "cave man".FishMost local grocery stores will carry “Wild Caught Fish”. Buy it.

Step 3: Buy Veggies and Fruit

VegetablesThe more fibrous the better when your goal is weight loss.Cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, tomatoes, asparagus, brussel sprouts, kale, collards, turnip greens, mustard greens, peppers, and carrots. Steam or saute with onion, garlic and fat. Even if I steam, I put fat on them (oil). Microwave some coconut oil and pour it on steamed broccoli – yum!For improved performance (but not ideal for weight loss): Sweet Potatoes and Winter Squash (Acorn, Butternut, Spaghetti – the squash, not the pasta), Rutabaga, Turnips, Beets. These are good pre and post-WOD.Good shelf-stable veggies:PicklesSauerkrautThings that you think are veggies that aren’t and you should avoid:CornBlack and Red BeansPinto BeansPeasLima Beans (seeing a pattern here on beans?)Other stuff that is obviously off limits:Other legumesPotatoesRicePastaBreadArtificial Sweeteners (to include those found in soda and gum)Dairy (during our initial challenge, reintroduce when you’re done but beware GI issues)Alcohol (except sulfite-free wine)FruitFarmer’s Markets are great for this stuff, cheap and super fresh! There’s a farmer’s market every Saturday in Tosa.Ideally we’d be eating low sugar fruits like:BerriesMelonAnd avoiding high sugar fruits like:BananasApplesHere’s a good list of high sugar and low sugar fruits.

Fish Oil

I like Carlson’s Fish Oil from Amazon. During the challenge, you should be taking .5g/lbs bodyweight of combined EPA/DHA. Take a look at Melissa Urban’s Fish Oil Calculator. Want to dork out on this? Look here and read this.

For your pantry staples and stuff in the interior of the grocery store:

Coconut Oil – yum.Coconut Milk – If you like curries this is a great carrier. Also great in coffee.Olive Oil- Good olive oils cost more, a fact of life.Vinegar – Balsamic, Red Wine, White Wine, Sherry, etc. Learn to use them.Avocados - amazing for many things.Lemons – good for flavoring fish and veggies or putting in water.Club Soda – if the idea of living off water and coffee/tea for 30 days is too much to bear. Try a Soda Maker and love it.Tomato paste/sauce Trader Joes to the rescue again. They have a canned marinara called “Sugo di Pomodoro”. You can pour this over any meat/veggie dish and LOVE it.Salt and Pepper – I like the taste of sea salt personally, but some folks when they go on paleo get calf cramps. We’ve found that using iodized salt will help this out. If you are worried about salt intake, don’t be. Also, whole peppercorns hold flavor better. You can get a cheap peppercorn grinder on Amazon and whole peppercorns at any grocery store.Herbs and Spices- The more the better. Fresh is better than dry. If you do not know how to cook, learn, or ask questions.Salad Dressing and Mayo – nearly everything at the grocery is crap. Learn to make your own. This is the best ever mayo.Green Tea – AnyBlack Tea – AnyCoffee – Pick your poison. I like fresh grounded coffee beans. Outpost Natural Foods down the road has a great selection.All Items listed below can be found at either Trader Joes or other local grocery stores:SeedsNuts (raw, but not cashews or peanuts)Nut buttersOrganic fruit and veggiesUnsweetened coconut flakesNut flours (almond, pecan, and chestnut)

Post what I missed to comments!

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