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October 23, 2012

Recognize! BCF is a "top box" in the Midwest!

The relationship between Reebok and CrossFit affiliates is in a constant state of growth. Reebok has a goal to make CrossFit affiliates as successful as any globo gym - knowing that CrossFit provides a far more superior fitness product.The most recent evolution in Reebok's relationship with affiliates is the Reebok Recognized program. This is a key partner program in which a certain number of affiliates in each region are selected to take part in wear testing, promoting, marketing and helping spread the word of Reebok - much like Reebok is helping spread the word of CrossFit.I am proud to announce that Badger CrossFit has been selected as 1 of 10 gyms in the Midwest region to be a part of this program. Our gym will help provide product and service perspectives on new gear (trial gear!) and be provided some awesome banners, and marketing aids. This program also comes with a host of other perks that are still being developed. This is a great accomplishments for our gym and it a direct reflection of our wonderful coaching staff, amazing members and presence in the CrossFit community. Congratulations to everyone!Here is a list of the Midwest "Top Boxes."• Indianao CF Indy Northo CF Naptown• Minnesotao CF St. Paul• Illinoiso CF Chicagoo River North CFo CF Carbon• Missourio CF Springfieldo CF Valley Park• Iowao Quad Cities CF• Wisconsino Badger CrossFit

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