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June 7, 2013

This weekend's events

Reminder that Steve is coming from N WI tomorrow at 7am to drop off your beef! If you ordered and you are not here, no beef for you. ;) 7AM!!!Then at the 7am open gym, we have our 3rd and final run of Memorial Day "Murph" for those that were not here. You have the entire hour to complete. RSVP to class and do it with a bunch of people.Also, Saturday after the group wod around 10am I will be having the pull-up clinic workshop. Learn the process of getting your first unassisted pull-up by getting stronger. 10-15 minutes of your time.Sunday, we have our BCF Social WOD at the Brewer Game. We plan to meet at BCF at 9:30am ish. Bus for those that want in, it's $5 at the door of the bus. Bus leaves around 10:30a. Please remember to bring your food or drink item. Tickets will be handed out in the lot. If you are driving in, drive in yourself to whatever lot and meet us in the bus parking lot. BCF sign and tent will be up! If you didn't get on the ticket list, let us know - some now cannot make the game. If you cannot make the game, come join us for the tailgate and games. Bring something if you do make it. Does NOT have to be healthy. It's time to relax and have fun with your family away from your real family! Epic BCF-style social.*Note: It looks like the weather is going to be bad. Weathermen are often wrong, but in case this happens, we will have a canopy tent. Kate said she may be able to get 4 more. The bus is also an option to sit on if real bad. Bring appropriate gear. We can and will make it work regardless.

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