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October 10, 2012

Unlocking the Keys, Part 1: Being Committed

Unlocking the Keys is a short series taken from Fuel Football, a free publication courtesy of Dick's Sporting Goods. While the article itself pertains to football, the keys to physical and mental success cross all sports -- even the sport of fitness. HOW TO BE COMMITTEDPASSION: If there is no internal passion for the sport, there won't be the level of commitment necessary to succeed.DRIVE: A committed athlete doesn't have to be repeatedly told what to do. He is the one telling and showing others what to do.PATIENCE: Greatness is not thrust upon you. Athletics are not video games where you can power up by hitting the right button. A committed athlete knows that reaching his goal can be a journey, and he must be steadfast in that journey.ATTITUDE: How you act and react affects you and those around you. Committed athletes surround themselves with like-minded individuals. The commitment you have can help inspire another athlete and vice versa.NO EXCUSES: Do not allow any excuses to enter your mind. The minute you do, weakness will soon follow. It's easy to give up. It's hard to never quit.

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