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June 7, 2013

Welcome Emma Serena as our summer intern!

We'd like to welcome Emma Serena as our BCF Summer Intern!Most of you know Emma . But if you don't, Emma has been with us for about a year here at BCF. She's been a consistent athlete in and out of the gym during the summer time, but during the year, she is a full-time student up in Steven's Point working towards her degree in Health and Wellness. Whenever she gets the chance to come to Milwaukee, she stops in and visits as often as possible to work on her game, including getting fixed up with proper coaching and instruction!This summer, we are bringing Emma on to assist BCF with multiple duties around the gym, including general office admin work, set up, clean up, fixing, program creation and marketing, etc. But in addition to this, we plan to have her under our wing as an intern apprentice coach - shadowing and learning the ropes of coaching, instruction, weightlifting, and of course CrossFit. We'd like to welcome her to the staff for the summer and we anticipate many good things with her as she is motivated to really learn and grow as a person!Welcome Emma!!!

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