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September 30, 2012

What is on your to-do list?

What is on your "to-do" list today? Is it a "needed to do yesterday", a "must do today", a "want to do", or "like to do"?Time management is based on these things. There are always things that come up that will stop you from doing certain things. The only way to not have these "fires" ruin your entire day is to make sure you have certain things prepared ahead of time. If food is your down fall, then you need to make sure you have 1 day a week to cook and prep your food so that you will always have good food waiting for you. If sleep is your issue then you need to make sure that you really make the most of the day so that you are able to get the sleep time that you are needing. If family time is an issue then you need to schedule the rest of your other stuff around that. This isn't saying that training, or taking care of your self isn't important. It's just saying that you need to rearrange some things so that your family time is taken care of.Everyone always says they don't have time. I do this also. The fact is though that even when we are slammed, there are moments in the day that we can use to our benefit. Be smart. Prioritize your day and then hit it. If there is an incident that needs to be tended to, take care of it and then readjust your list hitting the most important things first. Be flexible and don't get frustrated. Frustration is what slows us down and just makes us angry. If you have no choice but to deal with the incident, then just deal with it.No excuses, no complaining, no bitching. Just completing :)

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