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August 6, 2011

WOD #6: Integrity

INTEGRITY: ADHERENCE TO MORAL AND ETHICAL PRINCIPLES; SOUNDNESS OF MORAL CHARACTER; HONESTY!!We have talked about this before when it comes to Crossfit. But I read a very cool blog article and thought it was time to remind everyone what its all about. There are two types of Crossfitters: those with integrity and those without. Everyone fits in either one or the other. You can always change but you have to admit your faults first. Lets call the one group Type 2: they will cut corners, just go through the motions, are ok with not completing the task or the workout that's given, complain about the movements or the scaling that they are given, will stop at 48 double unders if the needed amount is 50, will be ok with not getting there chin fully over the bar when doing pull-ups, will finish the round they are on and stop even when there is 15 seconds left,will roll their eyes at the coach for correctly judging them or giving them pointers. The other group we will call Type 1: they will fully commit to whatever the workout is no matter what it is, they will add a few rep of double unders wall balls, or pull-ups if they lost count, will work right to the buzzer and if they end on a run they will finish the run even if time stops, want the coach, no matter who the coach is, to help them, coach them or look for ways to improve, and are there for themselves and to help push the other members of their team. We all get tired and its VERY easy to cheat. Sometimes its hard to be the last one, or to have to keep doing burpees, or to get full extension, or to do your correct weights in the workout. But, which one are you? Think about this honestly. We are here to help make your entire life better! But you cant get better if you are used to cheating your way through things. The more times you do, the easier it gets to do it all the time. I am asking you to commit to your coach, to your friends, to your box, and most of all and most yourself!!! Post me your thoughts!

Happy weekend to you all. The above is from Bill Grundler, whom I met down at the Games Regionals. Start out at Badger CrossFit properly and with proper integrity. We all want to quit sometimes, but it's when you overcome those thoughts that you really start to blossom in all aspects -- your fitness, your job, your relationships, etc. Don't quit, don't cheat your way through life. We only have one time here on Earth so make it real!Also, today we have 2 classes, one at 8 AM and the free workout at 9 AM for people who want to see what CrossFit is all about. Come on in, get your hard workout in, and then enjoy the weekend with family and friends.Individual Warmup: 20 pullupsWarm up: Badger Warmup. Part-2: 10-stink bugs, 20-med ball cleans, 20 shuttle-runsWOD: Five rounds of 15 burpees over bar, 15-squat cleans 95/65.Recovery: Coach will lead you through.

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